CKS Design | Bermuda

Furnishings and Appliances

We offer a very broad selection of high-end brand name furnishings and designer appliances, all available at your request. This includes everything from lighting, furniture, broadloom and carpets and much more.


Please feel free to browse our suppliers websites for appliances and let us know of any particular items of interest.


This area is quite extensive and particular as furnishings are based on taste. Normally the way we provide this information and service is through individual consultations. This is only available by appointment with CKS Design. Often, what we find best, is to take our client(s) via Air Canada to our suppliers showrooms located throughout Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This allows our Clients the ability to see, touch and feel their options to ensure the best furnishings are selected from our suppliers from all over the world. For ease and comfort, CKS Design will arrange all travel & logistics.

Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings

Image of a small sink.CKS Design offers some of the best plumbing fixtures and fittings from around the Globe. This includes the design collections from Vola, Dorn Bracht, SOHO, MC Kinley, Kohler and many more.

We are confident we provide a much broader selection of plumbing fixtures than any local Bermudian company. We will always go through as many options as possible with our Clients as faucets, shower systems, bath basins, sinks, tubs & toilets all come together to create a very sophisticated overall look. Continuity within this medium is paramount in creating beautiful and most importantly functional spaces at home or at work.


Choosing Hardware for your home or business is extremely important especially when you factor in the weather conditions of Bermuda. We at CKS Design only provide and recommend three suppliers of hardware. They are: Baldwin, Lee Valley and Summerhill. For more information about any hardware need - please feel free to contact us.


We realize this list is quite large - but we strive to provide as much choice and customization as we can. Your project is our project.